Inconspicious Details

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Inconspicious Details

Post  NotALeader on Thu Oct 29, 2009 8:34 pm


Details gratify... Walking to a wall, I speak with all my heart to you, are a Jokerma'am?


Oh. My Apologies. Let me Explain...

In the world there are 5 forms of Naturalism.

The Human Naturalization: The natural balance in the world, peace, tranquility, and necessary adjustments to make sure everything is ok Like a Star @ heaven Like a Star @ heaven Like a Star @ heaven, This part of the order is ruled by the God of Power

The Transfinite Naturalization: The order of the world, to keep all laws enforced and never to be left unturned, while going through the order of heaven or hell, you will first be sentenced to an accusation with the God of Judgeship.

The Kilojoules Naturalization: The god of Emotion brought feelings to the world, leaded by 4 F's. Fright, Flaw, Feeling, Fall. These of 4, being the Base of all humans, meant the God of Emotion was responsible for reckless actions accustomed by human beings.

The After:Life Naturalization: The god Of Leisure, Was responsible for all beings in the after life, they could not make contact with the people living on earth unless through rituals performed by now living beings, while although people did not know how to contact spirits, it was still necessary for people to contact spirits for some reason until this day...

The Rend Naturalization: The god of Gelling, Could not be depended on, his job was to make sure all forces where to stay in balance, When something was of odd, or even, it was his responsibility to make sure it was replaced with another form of space or matter.

With all of these Natural Forces. The world was at peace....For now...

His name is Travis....He's no ordinary boy...We found him half dead in this Barred plain of Desert sand a Few hundred miles away from home....But I can sense it...

Were going through an intense war right now...

But I can sense it...One day...He's going to end it all...

[To Be Continued...]


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