My Halloween Story.

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My Halloween Story.

Post  NotALeader on Sat Oct 31, 2009 7:24 pm

Here's a Story about my halloween {10-31-09}

Well...I'm back from going out trick or treating...But let me tell you the story of how the best halloween became the Worst halloween ever...and then got a little better...
Ok...So I went out trick or treating....And the awkward thing is that every store I went to..I scared the shit out of all the asians....This one store wouldn't even give me any candy

:If your wondering what I was, I was like this demon skeleton with a cape and my skateboard which seemed to somehow frighten everyone including the fact that I ran around and I grunted:

So...I finish on Boston Rd. Then I'm on my way to Gun-Hill...
Sk8ing....Sk8ing....Then randomly...I trip and fly at least 4 feet in the air and almost broke my wrist...luckily I flipped my body and landed on my back...COMPLETLEY ALL OF MY CANDY SKATTERED ALL OVER THE GROUND...and most of it in the street....There I am...laying there...almost blacked out...

{It's dark and its about 6:30 at night} I wake up...its been about 2 minutes...and I get up and pick up the morsel of my candy left{My bag is pretty much torn by now}....Then I pretty much sorta' limped back onto my skateboard and kept on going.. now...I'm at gun-hill..and luckily my luck catches up to me...

This dude at this corner store pretty much opens a new bag of candy and dumps pretty much half of it into my bag{Had to get a new one}. So now im going around stores and im getting all this candy...So yeah...I'm now on my way home...and it starts drizzling a little...Then I slip and almost fall on my skateboard....then out of somewhat reckless rage...

I Scream to the sky and say ''AHHH!!!! HOW COULD IT GET ANY WORSE!!!! GIVE ME YOUR BEST SHOT!!!! AHH!!!!''
I then see one girl from ''Quarintine'' and they are walking toward me...I held up my skateboard point blank in her this point I'm ticked...I was about to swing it at her head...But I couldn't...I'm shaking....She then walks away luckily....Then It stops drizzling....I then proceed home...lucky to still pretty much be alive and unwet...Finally....But then I check in my Halloween bag...and its pretty much half-way full.......-sigh- At least I Gained something out of this...


''At the Height of sun, and the gist of Night,
Another Friend, or another Fight?
Without a change, should keep their Light,
Is The start of switch, of once worth Fright.
A Cheap Trickster, who flows without hath his Wealth,
Shadow Shifter, Of who hath Gained his Stealth.
A Easy Knit, And keep it steady of Nealt
Can keep his idea, of what he once held.''


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