Making of Two-Hundered22 Days BT!

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Making of Two-Hundered22 Days BT!

Post  NotALeader on Sat Oct 31, 2009 8:00 pm

Hey guys!

Whats up! You may haven't noticed...But I am currently working on this video of


But it's just a little tease to get a little taste of the ''Fight Factor'' In the series...

What is the Fight Factor you ask?

Well I thought you would never ask!

Well..The Fight Factor are carefully secluded steps in order to re-create scenes so they don't look like a mess in progress....With the Fight Factor I will be able to explain every detail in each punch...each kick...and each special ability....Flames...Water...Grass...Poison....That kind of stuff....Also when a character is under a spell...there is a ''Perdicament Problem''....You can tell when there is a Perdicament problem...when there is a little symbol in the lower left corner of the screen representing what state the character is in....whether it be Wooziness, Poision, Sleep-Factor, Drowzy, Frozen, Burnt...and so on.

But at the moment...I am creating a tease for you guys so you can get a little peak at what is going to be y'know...Going down!

But heres the thing...Most of you MAY like it...and may of you might be like ''Eh...So and so''

And I think this because of my music choice...

So here's my plan!


Yes! Write down your pick in the music...and once I get enough votes by November 11th. I will tally them and have a poll on the most chosen music...the music with the most votes will be drafted to fit the video...

So don't be shy! Give me your choices!

Whether it be rock, rap, techno,

Um.. one thing...Um..please not country ^_^

It's not that I have anything against's just so hard to adapt to a song of such stature...Heck it can even be Japanese!

Hit me with your best shot...


''At the Height of sun, and the gist of Night,
Another Friend, or another Fight?
Without a change, should keep their Light,
Is The start of switch, of once worth Fright.
A Cheap Trickster, who flows without hath his Wealth,
Shadow Shifter, Of who hath Gained his Stealth.
A Easy Knit, And keep it steady of Nealt
Can keep his idea, of what he once held.''


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