Dreams Will Die.

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Dreams Will Die.

Post  NotALeader on Wed Mar 03, 2010 9:16 am

There Surprised will be times in which people will be exempted from the things that they always go the strongest for.

In which, for example:

A young boy...wishes to fly in the future...he wants to help people in the quickest way possible....But he doesn't want to work for it.

Will his dreams come true?

Can he fly?

Will Adolescents understand ever EVER?


Dreams will die.

At some point in time...

But us as human beings must learn to accept the fact that sometimes we are overcome with the urge to go for things that we understand and want the most.

We must learn that we as humans, MAKE MISTAKES....We must not furge on the brink of extinction...but accept the things that we learn from them...

When we understand the things that we do....We must incere the possibilities that we are overcome by.

Is that the pure inderiation of which we are interiated by?

Will we understand that we kill to survive?

All is One, and One is all.

The one question in which we dont ever understand.


The books of our further fore fathers, will never be read...






I dont think that people will understand the high standards in which no one else will ever come to know about.

And why should I think that the possible TENS of you reading this right now will ever have the possible attention span to understand what I am talking about?

The only thing that I know is that I'll never find out sitting in front of this computer.

''At the Height of sun, and the gist of Night,
Another Friend, or another Fight?
Without a change, should keep their Light,
Is The start of switch, of once worth Fright.
A Cheap Trickster, who flows without hath his Wealth,
Shadow Shifter, Of who hath Gained his Stealth.
A Easy Knit, And keep it steady of Nealt
Can keep his idea, of what he once held.''


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