222 Days Before Trinitarian Stavropolous

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222 Days Before Trinitarian Stavropolous

Post  NotALeader on Sun Oct 18, 2009 4:03 pm

Here's a Little Spoiler of what the Story is like.

It's Non-Edited at the moment...But Give me some time...I'm still basing out these forum controls.

222 Days Before The Trinitarian Stavropoulos:

Wake up!!!!!!. Oh Sorry. Did I scare you? I apologize. Oh, right, sorry, MY name is Kyle. Check out this book, don’t worry, our class teacher won’t flip, he’s teaching the class about the making of marbles or something. Dude, check this book out, it must be like 300 years old. Hm.. Trinitarians? Do you know what those are? Nah, me either, I’m booked, heehaw, no pun intended. Woah!! Check these pictures out. (Kyle reads the book aloud) ‘’ Trinitarians were believers in the Christian Trinity; somebody who believes in the Christian doctrine of the Trinity, in this time, Trinitarians fought evil back to the bowels of the earth (hee haw, bowels), the Trinitarians started a feud with the demonologists because they studied demonolatry, with the Trinitarians being the wiser, they sent back the demonologists with chants and Rosario’s that burned the demonologists souls on the inside. The demonologists, knowing they were outnumbered, called for the devil to help them with their battle, to their surprise, the devils minions arose from the surface and helped them ready themselves for battle’’. Woah, spooky huh.
(Kyle continues reading) ‘’With the Trinitarians hearing word of the demonologists summoning evil, they decided to try some magic’s of their own, magical ties. The Trinitarians called upon the power of the holy ghost, which is the third person of Trinity; in Christianity, the third person of the Trinity, understood as the spiritual force of God, With that help the Trinitarians fought back the evil until…’’ (Kyle stops reading). Dude, the last page is torn out!, Check the other books! (Dunamis and kyle start throwing books out of their sections looking for an answer) No!, come on, we have to find out how this ends!, (Kyle notices a book that says ‘’The Trinitarian Attack’’) Bingo. (Kyle Snatches the book and looks inside, he reads some of the pages) ‘’The Trinitarians have battled, but the Demonologists still arise….they now need your help, after reading this, you already know… what you must do) Uh… What? (The Book starts to glow, and Dunamis and Kyle are sucked into the book, and now… their real story begins…

~Chapter 1: The First Stand

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