Short Story: Thou Art What Thou Art Not

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Short Story: Thou Art What Thou Art Not

Post  NotALeader on Sun Oct 18, 2009 4:19 pm

Here is one of my Short Stories... I recently Did of Shakespears plays....So I got tempted to write this one...

Thou art what Thou art not.

A once upon a time tale, where the boy meets the girl. Is that thou art what thou art not? Oh, I apologize, do thou not understand? Thou art, You are, What thou art not, You are what you aren’t. What is there but isn’t there, seeing what you a believed to see but is only a mirage due to your own subconscious? You cockered, tottering, fool. You aren’t a god, you are a mortal. Nothing more than the what is believed ‘’highest form of the food chain’’. But what if… What if we could push all of that aside. The making, the buying, the selling, the terrorism, the betrayal, the guns, the war, the meeting, go back to when not thou guns were guns, but swords were swords, a silver dagger was thou art’s Achilles Heel, the first assassination weapon. No more of this nonsense, but back to the time when we could walk out things. But ask yourself this question. Are thou what thou art not?

[Hahahaha.... Good one...good one]

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