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Jokermen Chapter 1.

Well… If it wasn’t enough to have each and everyone of us. One of them lurking inside. Looking like them, being them. Looks normal. But it is not
Our eyes… Seeing what is meant to see. Is there, but isn’t there. Normal, but at the same time… Not supernatural. Was it easy enough for them to believe there was not one? Did they believe it was a myth? Was it a myth? Could it be true? What is there… But at the same time… is not there? Inhumanly actions making them a hybrid of what originally is us? Were they making fun of us? No… It wasn’t on purpose. We had no right to judge them. But they are so…. So un-normal. Inhumane Individuals… No. Individuals….Dividedly….In….humane…. Could it be true? Were they… the ones of which the Higher Class speak of? Or was this just on occasion of our basic rule? How could they be so naïve? So Envious to our actions, indifferent…. Different….Envy…. They just don’t get it. Some things should be left alone… Unlike them. They are those who pass beyond expectations without limitations…sort of like a Loophole…making them the Smarter.
Oh Yes. Sorry. Are you lost? My apologies. You must be new. Here is were you have been unable to control you abilities yes? Ah. Correct. My Deductions are right on top. 85% to be exact. But enough about me. Here is where your highest expectations reach the top. Welcome to………………
Crystallites University

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