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Because I Forgot

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My Longest Poem Story Thing...

Because I Forgot:

[I forgot…]

Her Face
Her Smile
Her Laugh
Her Love
Her Intuition

A Word to Describe her…

Far beyond it.
Has enough to keep you going
Describe her… Impossible

Is to Describe her. Oh only if I could speak the words.

That one word…Unique….That should be her name. No ,no.

Not even her name can pass my lips.

Thoughts…of her.

Passing my mind each way and left

One ear and out the other as I daydream.

Passing the time. Not with thoughts of her. But of the time.

That time
The Time
Which time.
Who Time.
What Time.
Where Time
No. Stop.
Enough. Focus. The matter at hand. But why her?

She is of our kind. A Human race. That thrives on not only LIVING. Breathing organisms but SURVIVAL….oh yes. No one has used that term in a long time for us Homosapiens . Could I have spelled that wrong? Is it because of the Idea? The Daring thought to Dream?

A Crossword puzzle? Conveniently all the answers ending with a letter from her name?


No. I can not speak her name. Not her. And Definitely not now. Pulling it together.

A Heart beat. As easy. And as sounded as one would think it was. Only more. Pushing yourself that one time to get what you want. Heart Racing. Head pounding. Hands Shaking. That final draw. But no. She was not with you. You are now by yourself. All on that slim chance that she would come. But no. I had forgotten…

Forgotten the way that she had worked for all humans… For all SPECIES. No. That Term is too Unorganized….for all Living ORGANISMS…Yes. That will do.

What now? Are you going to wait for her return? Are you going to search for her? No. You will never find her. She works fast. They tried to make you believe in SECOND CHANCES. But no. It was her. It was all HER. She has been following you. And helping you. No matter what.

She Saved You
She Loved You
She Hates You
She Envy’s You
She Lusts You
She Inspires You
She Needs You
She Wants You
She Passes You
She Killed You
She Revived You
She Healed You
She Broke You
She Rebuilt You
She Burnt You
She Washed You
She Tricked You
She Played You….

She was always playing you… Not as a Human body. But as a Internal Reflection of yourself. You knew…that on the 9th day of the 4th day of the 9th day was a pattern. Did you not? Was it REALLY YOU? Or Was it her? Do you know? Or do you not? I cannot say. Because I forgot.

She is what we all strive to gain.

Other females can barely ever be around her.
She can see through the Lie and Guilt of a man. Deserving her Presence. No

It was enough. Just to see what she could do for them. Not just for me. I didn’t need it. Yet she still insisted on remaining by my side.


Like any average day would.

The Laughs
The Tears
The Anger.
No. No anger.
Not with her.

‘’Will we be here all our lives?’’ He asked…
‘’I used to know…But I forgot’’ I Replied.

Never knowing….I remember thinking…that you would have to be pretty insane to try and get to her… a Foolish Attempt. A Dead mans Drive. A Dead end Cliff. High Shark Waters… Yet her permission flowed by my integrity. I did not need her. But yet… She refused to take no for an answer. With her around everything changed. Life was changed. Not just as Free Spirited. A Thin wire. Ready to be Cut from a Lifeless Soul. But that Wire was uncut. It was not able to be cut with her around. I looked over my shoulder to see if I could strike a Glance against her… I remember thinking. That this was my chance…to see what Hope really looked like.

She was Smart
She was Smooth

Yes, Yes. She was Quick
She was Slick
She was Amazing
She was Swift
She was Knowledgeable.
She had Known.

She had book insight information on everything…Except me.

That was my loophole. But I knew…that Nothing could slip through her fingers.

Or the Puppet she was controlling…

This game that she was playing with me.

Driving me to insanity.

The laugh of the Beautiful and the Smart.

Seems Luxurious, Does it not?

Ah yes. But everything is not as it seems to appear. For her laugh. Was contagious. I….Was.
What she Had Expected in the Future…Or many more…

Between me and the Floorboards…I have not heard her speak. Nor have I seen her face. I do not believe in her. But she Believes in me. Yes. She is a Wonderful mistress. An Amazing Body…known to blow Fuses and Break Fire Hydrants. But everyone was Conceited. They always wanted her. They searched for her high and low. Looking for a sign of this girl. She used me as that Sign. Controlling my every move with her voice. It seemed like magic. But let us not go into the Super and What IS the Super and/ or /if /is Supernatural.

‘’Are we Friends? Or are we not?’’ She had said in her high pitched intentional voice…
‘’You told me once….’’ I said lowly
‘’Good’’ She had said in an expected trailing voice
‘’But I Forgot’’ I said walking away… Hoping I could finally free myself from her grasp….Free myself away from her inescapable Voice…

Other people. Think of her as beautiful as they imagine her to be… But I knew…

I knew my own things…But it was not much.
Memories of past…With a key to that past. Rusty…in a Old War box…Key…Lost.. Probably under the kitchen fridge or the Drawer… But that’s Another story…Or is it a Tale? I Had knew once…Eh…But I Forgot.

With her. Every Story has an Individual…

She will always be Part of that story…And she will always make sure there is never a happy ending. That part. Will always be a Torn out page she will keep locked in her room. Reading over. Reminding herself of how much she had accomplished.

I lost
I gained
I Won
I Defeated
I Killed
I Ruminated
I Destroyed
I Built
I Bled
I Caused Bloodshed
I Read
I Wrote….

All under Influences of her.

Phone…A High pitched ringing noise…

Easily. Removed from the Black Jeans I were Wearing…Or were they Faded? I had knew once. But I Forgot.



I said annoyingly…This had not been the first time I dealt with this…this kind of ILLUSION. Like,…like a Mirage…Sort of Intentional Mind Game…with Her….No no…With her…She was a Queen…No…I was a Pawn…She had almost had me in checkmate…until…

*I Want you to finally pay your dues to me for your help* she replied
*Fine* I Said angrily
*Meet me in front of the Building on 17th street* she replied

Close? Not even….There had been a Construction site all through that area….She knew it would be difficult…But she knew I could make it…She knew everything about everyone…But she….no SHE…..she wanted to PROVE IT.

I Looked out the window of the building I was already in…and saw the entire construction site….it was 40 street blocks wide…..or was it 45?….I had knew once…But I Forgot.

Running. To the top of the building…..The Roofs.

That should have been Easy enough…They looked close enough to jump…A Deep breath and a good run at the edge…A High pitched sound threw me off balance…I Jumped…But the Reach…the Same Mirage…Was off….I Landed on top of a passing by Tractor…Close enough to my Grave.

But now I was near the Second Roof…But I was on 15th street…

DAMN…I Hoped up as the Tractor hit a bump to get more Arial advantage of the Situation…


Grabbed onto the ledge…and pulled myself on. It was not just your Average everyday mishap.. No mishap is like that.. It was her again.. She never gets enough apparently.

I looked at the next building which had a Yellow tube going across about 10 blocks…I was about to slide threw it…until a loud rumbling shook the tube and had it dangerously close to falling off…making my way across even more difficult. But all I had…was a Paper clip….20 Dollars…2 loose leaf Sheets of paper….some chewing gum and a Deck of cards…Hm.. Aha! That’s it. I folded the paper into a paper airplane…put a dollar into it. And flew it across the tractors…Workers got distracted…I then hoped on top of the tube and Ran across it. The Tube slipped.

As I was Falling I Grabbed onto one of the ledges…and hurled myself onto it.

Thanks to those Copiera Classes … or was it Judo?…I knew once…But I Forgot.

5 More Blocks to go.

*Hey you up there! GET DOWN!* a Worker yelled

*Why?* I Said Sarcastically..

As I turned around…a Wrecking ball headed straight towards my path of direction.. Before I could leap to the next building. I Flung one of the Playing cards at the Wrecking ball Control Gears…it hit the turn switch and the wrecking ball headed into a different direction…I lept across…But before I could continue I wondered where the Wrecking ball was heading..

Checking my status.. I turned backwards to notice the Wrecking ball heading straight for a 5 Story Kindergarten - 2nd Grade School.

*Today…Seriously Sucks* I Said Grumbling

I Remember Thinking…That either she is here…or I am going to need a lot of Gum.

I Took the gum. Stuck it to Playing card and flung it Towards the Stop gear. The Gum skimmed the Gear switch. Sticking to it. Pulling the gear enough to stop its Direction…

Like a Pendulum…It now was once again.. headed for me…I Turned my back. Swung a playing card and Cut the chain

*God damn that’s a Sharp Card* I said awkwardly

I continued to my Destination but when I got there I saw no one.

I was disappointed…I could not even express the emotions I felt.
Or Could I? I had known once…But I Forgot.

Walking back to the place I was heading A Crane had been Ascending…I tried to leap over it but unsuccessfully landed on it….and it placed me on a 19 story building.

I slipped and tried to hang on but My hands were sweaty..

Then I saw her face…She was there….at the top of the building…laughing and smiling at me…As if she knew this would happen…I Remember thinking…What an evil girl…

*This…is it huh…* I Said as my right arm fell off
*You still don’t know who I am huh* She said laughing.
My Left hand slipped to only 3 fingers….
*Don’t do this* She said as a Tear fell down her elegant face
*I can save You…* She had said this.. True to the core of her heart.. I could see it in her eyes. She stuck her hand out for me to grab it…or was it both?….

*You told me that once* I Said as I denied her Hand
In the corner of my eye I saw construction workers crying and screaming trying to get me down.
*Kid! Hang on! Were coming for you!* A Worker had said
*So then why wont you say it?* She said bawling

I Stared at her blankly…As then suddenly remembering who I was…Who she was…What exactly I did all this for, and why I was doing it…All she had put me through….Not just in this GAME…but in life….It was not just her…it was her personality…I remembered who she was now…And realized…that At this time………………………………....................I don’t need her anymore….She stuck her hand out crying and grabbed onto me tightly for dear life… I Denied her hand again as I Slipped…At that moment she had heard my last word..

*You told me once….And told me Twice. You love me yes.. I love you not…This is the reason…Because I Forgot….*

I Remember thinking….That for someone like her….She would expect that…..

As her last Chapter…

~The Forgotten.

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