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Current Media.

Post  NotALeader on Sat Oct 31, 2009 11:47 am

Here are some projects that I have recently worked on...

222 Days BT, will be a will mostly be based on Music Videos...once I find some suitable audio. I will be a more held together series...

[This section will be for people who are dedicated and are trusted staff member names of people currently helping work on the videos]
{Not Yet Developed}

Introduction to a New Dimension:

Deserted! Enter Rehabilitation[Beta:May/or May not be Finished]:

Super Saiyan Test [Part of 222daysBT Designer Effects]:
{For this video...some of these effects will be won't be super saiyan exactly...but it will be something close to it...There will be fighting scenes called ''Fight Factors'' that will be compiled into looking like an actually battle. but not all scenes will be fight scenes}

Obsolite 4 {Chapters}:

[The Intro{Trailer}:
Another Tease{Trailer}:
Episode 1:

Senty's Tournament [Lost]:


These are some videos That I have currently/recently created...Rate them...Comment and subscribe...


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