Ok now, Listen Up

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Ok now, Listen Up

Post  NotALeader on Tue Mar 02, 2010 4:27 pm

Ok, Listen up.

Ignorance will not be tolerated.

Impotence will not be exempted.

Apathy will be required.

Illness will not be overturned.

Stupidity will be refused

Immaturity will be exterminated

Sincerity will not be forgiven

Forgiveness will not be Collaborated

Collaborationism will not be Silenced

Silence will not be Encouraged

All Entourage's will be Admired.

All Admiration will be Disrespected.

All Diva's will be Parading around.

But all Paradists will be Geractified.


Snarkists will be Shot-down

Yeah, Listen up.

Not an Afterschool lecture, but the truth.

Now why should I feel that the possible TENS of you reading this right now would care about any words that I'm saying?

An when I say TENS, I mean that the probable 5's of you reading, don't have the attention span capacity to be able to even finish paying attention to what I am trying to realect upon.

Alot of my results show that most of you independent youths will probably Close out the browser, or go back to Using Facebook, Myspace, aim or whatnot Twitter.

I should know...I used to be one of those people.

Needless to say I failed to realize what my obsessive use against my computer was doing to my Knowledge.

A Few months ago, I had to realisticly face the facts instead of trying to ignore them.

I was Costantly using my Computer so much, that I practically had no purpose for using it anymore, That I barely used it for anything, sometimes i would find the stupidest games and make my friends play them.

These are some idiotic(But somewhat fun) examples:

Impossible Quiz: http://www.notdoppler.com/theimpossiblequiz.php

I would waste HOURS AND HOURS on these things, but most of you are probably thinking.

''Why am I still reading this?''
''What does this have to do with me?''

or probably have already closed the page getting aggrevated reading this.

needless to say that, Computers aren't so bad, I am just afraid how some people will react to its progress in the future generation.

Although most of the people who could have possibly decided to read ANY word I'm saying, Computers arent so bad...

People to delipt the time with the Computer, but embrace the communities that Computers help create.

Wether it be Twitter, Facebook, Myspace Ect.

I am happy to see that somewhere in the future communities will be getting larger and LARGER!!.

But the one thing you need to Listen Up for....

I'll never find out if I don't try


http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/506310 CLICK THE LINK, COPY PASTE

: I know that at some point in time we will be able to look up things at a quicker and faster pace!


I just hope that no one starts to abuse it too much.

''At the Height of sun, and the gist of Night,
Another Friend, or another Fight?
Without a change, should keep their Light,
Is The start of switch, of once worth Fright.
A Cheap Trickster, who flows without hath his Wealth,
Shadow Shifter, Of who hath Gained his Stealth.
A Easy Knit, And keep it steady of Nealt
Can keep his idea, of what he once held.''


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