The Chronicles Of THEM and Lady Luck

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The Chronicles Of THEM and Lady Luck

Post  NotALeader on Sun Oct 18, 2009 4:34 pm

My Favorite Comedy Idea

The Idiotic Misunderstood chronicles of them and lady luck.

Chapter one: Who are Them? Uh, I mean They?…um…what?

Hey you. Yeah you. You know them?. . . . What? You don’t? . . . . WhY nOt? you’ve neVeR hEaRD of T.H.E.M?. . . . .Hm? Do I know them? Of course I know them. If I didn’t know them, I wouldn’t be asking you. . . . Who are They? . . . .Well T.H.E.Y are T, H, E, and Y. But before I can tell you about them, who is THEY, I am going to tell you about them, who is THEM. Confused? Don’t worry. It gets weirder and weirder at this school.

I will be your narrator, But you can call me Narry. Im with CHANCE. But that’s another story. Here at this school Elizabeths Acadamey for The Many Entertaining [Too convenient for this explanation], Elisabeth Donkeywasher (Teehee that name still makes me laugh), Who was in APE, Almost all children in a class are abbreviated by name. If you could not be abbreviated with someone in your class you were immediately removed from that class, and separated into another class that could fit your abbreviation. With EATME [I’m still mad that is this schools abbreviation, what if we really do get eaten!?], being an abbreviation school for Performing and mostly Visual arts and being in the center of where everyone could reach it easily, it was wanted by most children. Except the only shish [My word for Shi…..something] was that it was very difficult to be accepted to, once your in, you can’t get out, once your out somehow by a stroke of luck, they come up with some crazy new idea that you happened to really like, and then chances are you wont get back in.
Here… is THEM
Which is Terrence
Which is Harry
Which is Elisabeth
Which is Molly
That makes THEM…. Them is a group of cool students who always get into misfortunate situations. Somehow they always manage to get out of the problem by relying on each other strengths, to be able to cover up.
Page 2:

With THEM, they always had a plan.
Terrence is the Brains, He always thought up some Bombardment, that sometimes, threw the entire crew into massive jams.
Harry is the Brawn, He’s really strong. One time, he picked up a WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLE spoon without crying , sweating , having an asthma attack , passing out, or trying to smack it somewhere and eventually hurting himself in the process.
Elisabeth is the Creativity, She is like Terrence’s prototype, but she’s not a robot, anyway, Elisabeth is very Thoughtful, she will go back, and think about things before they are put into play, she’s like the crews hard drive. The only problem is that Elisabeth always puts a ‘’Lisa was here’’ Note where she feels she…..wasn’t there….
Molly is the Technician, not to seem really idiotic, and I’m the narrator for Pete’s sake
Pete: Hey!
Sorry Pete, but everyone things molly is really hot. Luckily she’s in the crew THEM not the crew THEY. Anyway, Molly loves to invent new things to help her crew get to the top of the Skew Crew List. She SOMETIMES, SORTA, MAYBE, EVENTUALLY, KINDA, makes good inventions sometimes. Ugh. Like last week. The Auto Shoe Lacer……Hm.. It was a pretty good invention until she tried to use it to peel her orange.

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